Ini Domba

Swiss army knife is one set of tools that have one hundred functions. Experienced in advertising and marketing communication industry for 8 years. Knows communication from sketch to live. That’s why I’am a swiss army knife. Born in Jakarta 1983. Love so much travelling and cooking. Graduated from Communication UPN “Veteran” Yogyakarta. Had been done with traditional advertising, now start to go with digital advertising. So, if you ask me about my expertise in advertising, my expertise is both of them, traditional and also digital advertising. Start from local advertising agency to multinational advertising agency. Now I’am a Copywriter at Kana Digital, as a SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Creative Fighter and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Jedi. What I do then? Provide keywords idea, do copywriting for Adword or Adsense, copywriting for optimizing content, copywriting for digital advertising format, and for activity on social media network. I produced copywriting from idea until execution for what to communicate and how to communicate. Creative thinking + marketing knowledges + tech savvy = beautiful result for digital advertising campaign. If you want to know me more and ask anything, just go connect with my network below. Conversation always happen even when you not looking, so protect your brand.


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